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When I was 17 my first job was furniture making.  I worked as a furniture maker for three years then the company went bust. After that I went out on site with a friend of mine and learned site carpentry. My friend was doing a lot of work in his own house and I was helping him with fitting. He needed a new kitchen so we decided to buy timber and building a pine kitchen. That was 22 years ago and that kitchen is still there looking as good as it did when we built it. Believe it or not we built this kitchen in his back garden.

So what is American Poplar / Tulipwood?

American Poplar / Tulipwood timber comes from various Eastern States of America. It is often used for kitchen furniture carcasses as it is kiln dried to between about 8-12% av.m.c. and is stable for profiles and mouldings. It has a soft texture and is predominantly pale cream to light green in colour, and often within each board there will be vivid purple and black colouring. This is not a defect, but should be considered when finishing.

Latin name Liriodendron tulipifera

Also known as American yellow poplar (UK), American whitewood, tulip tree (UK and USA), canary wood (UK), canary whitewood (UK

Main Uses

Construction, furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinets, doors, panelling, mouldings, edged-glued panels, plywood (USA), turning and carving.